An Impact Fund for Emergency Relief in Israel's Startup Ecosystem

Amidst adversity, opportunity unfolds. The ongoing conflict has cast a challenging shadow over Israel’s dynamic startup landscape, particularly impacting the promising seed-stage enterprises. These ventures, the bedrock of our economic future, face unprecedented vulnerability, grappling with funding hurdles and unpredictable delays during these tumultuous times.

A Collective Force for Change

The Geshem Fund is important for the future of Israel’s promising start-ups

Natalie Gutman-Chen

Minister for Economic and Trade Affairs, Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC

The Israel Economic Mission of Boston
The Israel Innovation Authority,
Greenberg Trauig, WilmerHale,
Shulman Rogers,
& The Geshem Fund

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Being industry leaders means taking responsibility during difficult times. We are thrilled to present to you the Geshem Fund, a new Emergency Relief Fund aimed at propelling healthcare innovation in Israel. Eleven Israeli incubators have joined forces, creating one of the best investment opportunities in recent years.



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Integrated Support Ecosystem:
Nurturing Ventures to Success

The participating incubators offer a unique and comprehensive ecosystem that goes beyond mere investment.

With influential shareholders such as IBM, Pitango, OurCrowd, Reliance, Amgen, ARKIN Holdings, Delek US, Medison, Boston Scientific and more, entrepreneurs gain invaluable access to resources, expertise, and an extensive network.

This support spans crucial areas including customer and investor networking, strategic business advice, and more. Renowned for their hands-on approach, these incubators provide holistic support in finance, strategy, and product development, guiding companies from inception to growth.

Each company undergoes a meticulous vetting process by the incubator’s team, investment committee, and the Israel Innovation Authority, ensuring a thorough examination for future success.

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The Power of Investment

Our dedication to the “Geshem” fund is a testament to our unwavering commitment. We select portfolio companies that have already secured significant Pre-Seed/Seed round funding and earned the prestigious approval of grants from the Israel Innovation Authority. These investments serve as a catalyst, propelling startups towards a future defined by robust growth and resilience. What sets us apart is our relentless focus, with each investment carefully structured to provide a substantial runway for exceptional success. Moreover, we ensure that the Israel Innovation Authority or the incubator provides additional backing for these investments, reinforcing their belief in the journey of limitless innovation.

Investing in Resilience

The heart of “Geshem” lies in its role as an Impact Fund for Emergency Relief. This SPV provides a unique and promising investment opportunity.

Funds, distributed evenly among participating incubators, empower us to strategically invest directly in a diverse array of affected companies.

This agile support mechanism demands immediate action, a catalyst for resilience and continuity for these startups.

Diversified Risk, Amplified Impact

Investors participating in “Geshem” gain more than stakes in individual companies; they acquire a diversified risk model.

This multifaceted approach not only mitigates risk but also amplifies collective impact, forging a future where innovation flourishes amidst challenges.

Pioneers of Innovation

The participating incubators, renowned for their unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology, have invested in over 150 startups.

Their journey sparkles with numerous success stories, highlighting their expertise in identifying unique intellectual property and fostering outstanding innovation.

These incubators stand as pillars of transformative growth in AI, Digital Health, Medical Devices, Climate Tech, Energy, and more.

Join the Vanguard

We extend an exclusive invitation to potential investors, offering a unique opportunity to be part of the “Geshem” Impact Fund.

Together, let’s script a story of resilience and innovation, navigating challenges to forge a future where possibilities are endless.


Barak Ben Avinoam

CEO @ NetZero Ventures

An authority on early-stage ventures, Barak leads Net-Zero Ventures with a focus on ClimaTech. His expertise extends through his role as Managing Partner at BGV and his previous leadership in Israeli incubators, with a speciality in Climate Technologies.

Talor Sax

CEO @ eHealth Ventures

As Managing Partner and CEO of eHealth Ventures, Talor’s international experience spans across business and product development in the eHealth domain. His work as a public management expert has contributed significantly to the Israeli health sector.

Tal Gilor

Partner @ Labs/02

A Partner at Labs/02, Tal brings an analytical eye to venture investments, with a rich background at Motorola Solutions ranging from R&D and innovation management to venture capital. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and an MBA, and actively shapes startup strategy and growth.

Ori Choshen

CEO @ VLX Ventures

As CEO and Board Member at VLX Ventures, Ori has been pivotal since its inception, steering the creation of standout biotech and computational biology firms. His journey to biotech leadership followed 15 years in the high-tech industry.

Dan Shwarzman

CEO @ MindUp

CEO of MindUP, Dan has been an influential leader in healthcare technology for over two decades. From Fortune 500 companies to pioneering MindUP, his expertise has been central to nurturing innovative healthtech ventures in collaboration with industry giants.

Sivan Yechieli

CEO @ i4Valley

A seasoned software executive and public sector strategist, Sivan has led operational continuity efforts in times of conflict as Mayor of Kfar-Vradim and Chair of Israel’s Northern Confrontation Line Forum. He’s a former IDF officer with a rich background in tech leadership, holding degrees in Economics and Legal Studies.

Inbar Grebler

Biz Dev Manager @ MedX Xelerator

A seasoned business development manager with a robust background in international healthcare, known for analytical acumen and strategic planning, especially in medical investments. Grebler holds an MBA in Healthcare Innovation from IDC, Israel, and a Bachelor’s in Economics and Chinese Studies from Tel Aviv University.

Zohar Gendler


An influential leader in startup investment, pivotal in the success of ventures like Mazor Robotics and Corindus, with sales in the billion-dollar range. Currently, he steers NGT Healthcare II and NGTVC-2012, holding positions as Chairman and Board Member across numerous innovative medical startups. Gendler’s technical expertise is grounded in an MS in Material Engineering from the Technion.

Assaf Mansour

VP Biz Dev @ Alon Medtech Ventures

Combines investment acumen with strategic development expertise, fostering growth in medical startups. Assaf serves as a board member in several medical companies including Sofwave (TASE). Prior to co-founding Alon Medtech Ventures about 10 years ago, Assaf managed cross border customers in multinational tech companies for more than 12 years. Assaf holds an Industrial Engineering BSc and an MBA from Ben-Gurion University.

Eyal Aviram

CEO @ GO Innovation

An adept leader in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Eyal has excelled as a CEO and in business development roles across various firms. His broad expertise is reflected in his chairmanship and board memberships in multidisciplinary companies, complemented by his role as a mentor in an executive multinational mentorship program.

Tom Sudow

With 30+ years in high-tech and biosciences, Tom has made his mark as a business development leader and partner at Novamedics Advisors. His tenure includes impactful roles at GCIC and Cleveland Clinic, with a focus on product innovation, leading to over $1.5B in capital raises.

Steve Shapiro

A trailblazer in digital health, Steve has guided companies from inception to successful exits, with leadership roles culminating in over $1 billion in combined exits. As a co-founder of eHealth Ventures and a seasoned board member, his expertise has been vital in shaping the healthcare technology landscape.

Brand & Design

Yaniv Primak

CEO at Primak Digital Product & Strategy

Yaniv Primak is an innovation strategy expert with a strong track record of accelerating startups in the fields of deep tech, robotics, cyber, medical devices, travel, automotive and more. Yaniv delivers product strategy, UX / UI, and branding.

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